i am lindleyGrey...

Creating a legacy of beauty from ashes. I am Linette. A living testimony of the faithfulness of God. I have created LindleyGrey as an outlet, a way to share how I create my very own legacy of beauty through life. LindleyGrey is the essence of my being. My legacy. It is inspired by the gifts given to me by God; MY FAMILY! We all possess a legacy regardless of having children of our own. Our legacy can be our passion, our style, creativity…anything that speaks to you. Anything that shares your lifelong fingerprint to leave to the world. 

I am the daughter of the most high King; a worshipper, wife and a mother. I am a world changer. I am a catalyst of spiritual expression and beauty…continuing my very own legacy of beauty from ashes...that have been given to me.

I am LindleyGrey. I am Linette.