Twenty Minutes of Summer

When I say, “Go play outside,” my kids act like I’m trying to punish them. It’s actually quite comical. With all the technology they use and are exposed to, I feel so guilty, yet I’m frustrated when they aren’t on something because they’re usually bugging me to death. (yes, another real life problem; no super mom here. I’m just trying to make it out here in these Momma streets, ya’ll). 

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The Parking Lot

....David was anointed. He went from the back lot to VIP, just like that. He could’ve easily compared his space to his siblings, had FOMO (fear of missing out) and maybe missed his calling to be King.

Let’s be like David. Let’s be like David. Let's stop comparing our lives; complete what we're assigned, when and where we're assigned to do it. God will do the rest. Our purpose is patiently waiting on us to pull in and park.

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Living Matthew 18:20 (Pt. 2)

When we press upon ourselves that we can handle it on our own, when we feel like our prayers aren’t being heard and that we can’t reach out to our friends for support, we restrict our power in Christ. If we have an issue, we have to gather together with other believers, come into agreement with them and call on the name of God. When we do this, things have to change! Matthew 18:20 lets us know where two or three gather in His name, God is there in the midst. 

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