The Renewal of Everything

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP….eyes closed, mind numb…is that my alarm?? As you open your eyes and look at your phone, which now sits on your nightstand, (in front of your actual alarm clock) hit snooze even though you probably need to get up. So you do. You get up after the second annoying round of 'BEEPS' and it’s time to get the kids up and ready for school…and this is your life. THIS. IS. MY…..LIFE?? Hmmm…

As you walk through the halls of your home, you may stumble over a toy, or notice a few dishes that you weren’t able to clean the night before….Have you ever wondered…how did that happen?  Or did you ever stop, look around at your life and say, 'What am I doing, what is my purpose?'  You have rushed through the morning and never once took a breath or a moment for yourself and as much as you love your life, you still wonder…what am I doing for the Kingdom?

“The Kingdom…oh no! I didn’t pray this morning. I haven’t had my quiet time and I have to get ready for work!!” Instantly a feeling of guilt and ungratefulness immediately wash over you. With everything you have in your life, how can you not take time for the King?? How can you run through this amazing life and look back over all the things you have been given, the mercy that God has granted on you and your family and you not have at least 5 minutes to sit down and give thanks…?

These are the questions and daily routines that many of us go through day in and day out of our lives. We wonder how all these things happen and how we know we have a purpose and a plan for our lives, but sometimes we don’t feel worthy, qualified or equipped to fulfill the calling on our lives that we KNOW we have. Here is where we stop, take a deep breath and realize that Philippians 1:6 rings true. 

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: “ (KJV)

The very thing that was prophesied over your life as a child, teenager, even in the later phases of womanhood, will be completed in your life. God has promised us to fulfill and complete everything that He said He would do. We only need to look at the faithfulness of God. Look at everything that He has brought us through and the mercy on our lives and realize that He is for us. All we have to do is trust Him.
Look at Paul, the author of the book of the Philippians. Paul’s story is one we can look upon and recognize who God is. Paul, who was named Saul, once persecuted Christians. He was a Pharisee, and he knew the law. Paul, one who was against everything that Christ was about, was able to have an intimate encounter with Jesus that forever changed his life. After everything he had done to go against the very Savior who knew the potential of Saul in the Kingdom, despite his actions against Jesus, Saul received a word that he could not deny and took on his calling. He changed his name to Paul and pressed through to the mark. He received a renewal of life. He understood that God had a plan for his life and he was given grace and mercy.

So, if Paul can see that, surely we can!!! Say to yourself, “ I am the daughter of the King, and no matter what I go through, I will live my life to glorify Him!”  He loves us and what we need to do is one simple thing, pray daily as the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 51:10

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” (KJV)

You will make it. Renew your mind, your heart and your spirit. You will fulfill the purpose that you were called to fulfill and He will do just what He said He would do in your life…He’s not finished with you yet, so don’t quit!

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