Monday Memories

Yesterday was Monday, yes, Monday. Like most Mondays, it was a bear. Life has been a tad difficult these last few weeks. I had my first Thanksgiving without my Daddy, traveling from the Midwest to record and to Texas to write, (details about that coming soon) all over a span of 10 days, whew! I am exhausted to say the least. My mind and my body are drained physically and emotionally. I’m a little bummed because my biggest cheerleader, the one who would call just to check up on me, is gone . As Christmas is approaching,  my little man turns the big “10,” in a couple weeks and normally, I can’t wait for the festivities, but recently,  my mind has suffered with the grief.  As a person who doesn’t need a reason to celebrate and throw a good party,  I have struggled to find my joy. I’m trying, though. I am plowing through life, day by day.

The Gift Recording

God has been so good to me through it all and He has been one step ahead through this entire process. I have so many awesome things happening right now and I am trying so very diligently to enjoy them and appreciate everything. Honestly, it hasn't been easy to do that, but I know my Daddy would want me to be happy. I am doing things most people dream about doing; and I am grateful.

I recently recorded my first EP, called “The Gift” (my Christmas Collection),  in Greenville, Illinois on the beautiful campus of Greenville University. The Whitlock Music Center was where we camped out to work over a little under 48 hours. I was told that the group, Jars of Clay recorded at Whitlock. I think that's kind of cool. Whitlock was a beautiful place and I couldn't have asked for a better studio experience. Devin Chaney, David Chaney, Bryson Buehrer, and Tyler Thorpe were the musicians who helped make my dream come true. Rebecca, Ashley and Denise were three special ladies who helped make the long day, worth it. Bryson not only played the bass on the project, but he also documented everything with these beautiful photos. You can check out his website for more of his work. Go to For me to say the experience was amazing, is an understatement. I was able to meet wonderful musicians, people and make INCREDIBLE music.

Recording has been something that different people have mentioned to me before, but I have always been a little afraid to do it. I have been afraid to fail; afraid that no one would want my music, or that it wouldn’t be good enough. But I also know that singing is one of my gifts I have been given and I need to give God glory by using it. What better way than to celebrate the birth of Christ??

I was literally handed this opportunity as soon as I came home to Indiana after my Daddy's services. It was as if I had been given a new area to place my focus. So, with the opportunity given, I am making my reasonable contribution to the season by singing and adding to the atmosphere of worship that I love during this time of year.

Linette Colwell Portrait by Bryson Buehrer Photography

In just a few more days, “The Gift” will be available for digital downloads and shortly after that, the actual physical disc will also be available. I can not wait to share this music. I’m pretty sure that, we as a group, had to have broken a record getting everything completed as quickly as we did. We finished recording all 5 songs, from the scratch tracks to the completed ones in less than 24 hours. For individuals who had never met, only heard the music one day prior to recording, I would say we did amazing work together. I am so pleased and blessed to have so many cool people placed in my life.

I am truly thankful and I know my Daddy would have told at least 100 people by now about what I have been doing! That makes me smile. It is because of him that I have always been able to dream. It is because of the love my Daddy showed me that I have been confident enough to step out and do anything I wanted to do. I thank God everyday for life and I am so thankful for the gift I am blessed to share. I hope you enjoy the gallery and be on the lookout for the EP! I will keep you posted. Until then, have an awesome week.