"Push Through" Copper Cuff

"Push Through" Copper Cuff


Push Through… A message that is on my lips daily. A recent addition to the “TWO” collection. This copper cuff is another collaboration with the beautiful heart of Jennifer Davis of Maggie Claire Designs. Originally designed in a conference brainstorm session, this amazing piece was to be used exclusively for one purpose. Now it is available for purchase for everyone!

*Each bracelet is handmade to order. Please allow time for manufacturing and delivery. Expect at least 7-10 days after order is placed. You will receive confirmation of your order and delivery once processed*

It is a copper cuff with the encouraging words “Push Through” strategically placed to remind you to keep going, you are strong, and you can make it.

Remember no matter what you have that may come in your life, you can PUSH THROUGH!

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